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What to Watch Wednesdays – Late Night

I’ve been wanting a good, female lead comedy and I found it! Amazon’s original Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. Emma plays a late night talk show host, Katherine, who’s about to be replaced due to poor ratings. She tries to revamp her show with the help of a new staff and new writer, Molly, whose character is played by Mindy Kaling. The story highlights diversity in the work place and has a ton of satire. Both characters were played SO well by these two hilarious ladies! A legit good chick flick! Read full article >>

TV for Dogs… It’s a Thing!

If you’ve ever felt bad about leaving your fur puppy at home alone you can put those worries to rest and put on some television programming made specifically for your pets! Hours of footage featuring birds, ducks, and beautiful nature scenes. It’s not just for your animals either! Whether you have a pet or are just a lover of nature, give TV for Dogs a view or two. You won’t be disappointed! Read full article >>