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What to Watch Wednesdays BEAT

What to Watch Wednesdays – Castle Rock 2

I thought season one was disturbingly creative….it was nothing compared to this! From J.J. Abrams and Stephen King, this is about a mom and daughter (but are they really mom and daughter?) who are running from a very dark past. They end up in Castle Rock where a cult is literally being risen from the dead and trying to take over the town. Check out Season 2 of Castle Rock on Hulu now! Read full article >>

What to Watch Wednesdays BEAT

What To Watch Wednesdays – Pandemic

Welp, I no longer want to go anywhere without a mask! Especially right now during peak flu season. This documentary series is a big eye opener and it’s very cool to see the stories about the people who are trying to find the cures for viruses and diseases. I’m not convinced we’ll have something as severe as the flu in 1918/1919 since we’ve made huge strides in the medical industry, but I’m also not convinced we’re able to stop an outbreak from spreading rapidly around the world! Take the Corono Virus for example…scary stuff! Read full article >>