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Star Wars Holiday Special

Many of us are watching(or rewatching) the newest Star Wars film that dropped this month, but a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, George Lucas tried to cash in on the initial buzz from the original trilogy with another December release!  If you thought Episode 1 was bad wait until you see this Star Wars Holiday special. It was so bad they tried to hide it from the internet, but here’s a nearly intact copy for us to enjoy together! Read full article >>

What to Watch Wednesdays BEAT

What to Watch Wednesdays – Exhibit A

It’s one of the best true crime series I’ve ever seen! Each episode is about a different case of an innocent person going to prison over forensic techniques that don’t add up and shouldn’t have held up in court. I got so discouraged in our legal system when I saw how wrongly things can go in court. Things you’d think would be solid evidence are the complete opposite, but the judge and jury STILL rule guilty somehow. Read full article >>