Tom Hank's son, Chet, reveals what's it was like growing up with famous parents

The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson is detailing his experience growing up the child of famous parents. The 31-year-old is an actor and musician who notes troubles he as a child which left him with a chip on his shoulder and a hardened exterior after kids gossiped behind his back, noting that he didn't really have a male role model to lead him in understanding  how to handle the jealousy of others.

Missouri Police Department goes viral for "Valentine's Day Special"

The Belton Missouri Police Department is seeing social media success after their post with a "Valentine's Day" special.

The post calls for scorned lovers to turn in their former mates for any previous or ongoing criminal activity.

If you're asking for my opinion, if you're going to be a lover, be a kind one. If you are, you'll leave no one scorned. HOWEVER, if you're going to be a bad partner, you best not be committing crimes, otherwise you might end up in cuffs on Valentine's Day.

Swift, Sheeran team up for heart wrenching soon-to-be hit "The Joke and The Queen"

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran reunite, releasing "The Joker and The Queen", which reunites the "Everything Has Changed" cast. Listener beware- this song is sure to give you the feels. From the emotional dance of the ivories to the hauntingly synced harmonies, cold chills are sure to sweep your body as the notes dance in and out of your ears.

She starred Reba's "Fancy" music video, Jonna Volz now leads Springfield in teaching the craft of acting

Dawning a red dress with a slit clean up to her hip, Jonna Volz, then 15, portrayed a young fancy in Reba McEntire's then number one music video "Fancy".

The skilled and talent artists now calls Springfield home, where she's the genius behind Acting For Real.  (

Acting for Real approaches aspiring actors and filmmakers with a well rounded approach- teaching the business of film making, not just the craft of stepping on stage. Volz has been credited with aiding the launch of several actors- most notably Cailee Spaeny, who has stared in movies alongside Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, and Dakota Johnson.

You can sign up for Jonna's upcoming classes here. 

Thinking about team sports? Sign up now with Springfield Greene Park Board

If you're thinking ahead about signing up for teams sports, or enrolling your child in volleyball clinics, look no further than Springfield Greene County Park Boards which is offering a variety of sports.

SNL Alum Jay Pharoah at Blue Room Comedy Club

Interviewing Jay Pharoah was... well.. a pure delight. He's charming, quick witted, and can bring a smile to anyone's face (I assume). Plus, he's immensely talented. You probably know him for his time on Saturday Night Live.
He's taking the stage a Blue Room Comedy Club this weekend for four shows- one of which is already sold out. With over 200 impersonations on his resume, his show is sure to dazzle
You can purchase tickets here. 

Improv Ken says his hiking date got saucy because of BJJ

To know Ken Howard is to love Ken Howard. He and I met many moons ago when we were both in a now defunct improv theatre. When I started my show, I knew he was one of the people who I wanted as a regular, so when he sat down in our studio to detail his love life, I was more than thrilled knowing his storytelling abilities were top notch.

HOWEVER. I was in no way prepared to laugh and learn about his recent hiking date, where his potential lover learned that Ken was active in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

If you too are curious what terms in the BJJ world mean, don't fear. Ken breaks all of that down as well- and it is sounds *spicy*.

Electronics not working? It could be Mercury in Retrograde

JuJu walked into my studio with a simple question: "Are you electronics acting odd?"

Oiy. She knows. "Yes! My laptop has been slow. My ipad is being saucy. My phone wont hold a charge," I murmur in reply. "But how does she know?" I silently think to myself. "Mercury is in retrograde," JuJu boasts.

What? Mercury in retrograde? I have her sit. I have zero clue what this means, despite often hearing it when I've spent too many hours on tik tok.

Our Pop Culture Guru chimes in on the Spears' Sister drama

Jesse Chambliss and I have known each other for years- closing in on a decade. He's my go-to guy for all things pop culture. If you follow him on Tik Tok (which you absolutely should,) you know his knowledge for the celebrity world is limitless.

As the Britney Spears/Jamie Lynn web continues to be woven, I found it more than appropriate to tap into his knowledge as a life long fan.

In addition to his tik tok, Jesse also hosts a podcast, Jesse's Girls.

Avril Lavigne talks with Julie Wilson about her new album; upcoming festival

Avril Lavigne's new album, "Love Sux", offers the sounds of early 2000's punk rock. Lavigne, who recently signed with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker's record label, partners with members of Blink 182 and others to create a nostalgic sound with lyrics that seek to empower.

Additionally, expect conversation surrounding the "When We Were Young"  festival line up that puts Avril Lavigne in the headline spot.