No stranger to the Midwest, Justin Smith performs at Blue Room Comedy Club


Justin Smith is no stranger to the Midwest. A NYC based comedian from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On paper he is the definition of an Oklahoma stereotype. He was raised in a religious household, went to a conservative Christian college, worked in the oilfield, loves BBQ and the phrase "fixen to". But it doesn't take long after meeting Justin to realize that he is farthest thing from a stereotype. He is quick-witted, brutally honest, and incredibly engaging, which is the main reason his resume is so diverse. Ranging from making fun of high school proms on MTV to talking about the intricate details of comedy on PBS, to performing at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, not to mention participating in the notorious Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans. Justin has no limits. Justin currently resides in NYC where he lives in a Hispanic neighborhood, rides crowded trains everyday, and performs nightly all over the city. And loves every second.

Tickets can be purchased here. 

5 red flags you NEED to now about Julie Wilson

Hi. Julie Wilson here.

Firstly, I want to apologize that I referred to myself in the third person in the headline. In my defense, how else were I to get your attention to get you to click the link?
Secondly, thank you for clicking the link. I hope the words you're about to read dazzle your heart and tickle your brain leading you to listen in on my morning show from 6a-10a Monday through Friday.

Now. What you're here for- my red flags. Frankly, I find them comical- others will disagree and scoff, but that's okay. We're all flawed human bags of flesh, so I fault no one.

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Red Flag Number 1: I love dogs. Now, I realize that alone is not a red flag, but, I offer the depths of my love. For instance, I will woo any stray dog into my car. The dog could be foaming at the mouth, clearly rabid, have a peg leg, an eye patch, be swinging full on Excalibur at me- I wouldn't flinch. I'd offer cuddles and snacks. I'm a firm believer that all dogs deserve good humans. Dogs are pure.

Red Flag Number 2: I will go to great lengths to make people laugh- primarily at my own expense (see the tik tok story below). I know the pain that it will cause me- I will rise in the middle of the night with wild anxiety questioning why I did what I did before finding peace in the answer: I love the laugh.

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Red Flag Number 3: If you made it this far, congrats. Things are about to go downhill REAL fast. I sometimes have a visitor- her name is Phyllis. Phyllis is a chin hair that sometimes shows up. I think she's funny and she has brought laughs to tens of people. I have talked about her on the radio before in the past, and I will probably talk about her again. Please prepare yourself.

Red Flag Number 4: At night, I scour Netflix looking for the perfect show to fall asleep to- nothing too entertaining as I will stay up late engaged, but nothing too boring. I always end up finding shows that I am convinced I want to watch. I add those shows to my queue. In my heart of hearts I know I'm not actually going to watch those shows- let alone the massive amounts of movies.

Red Flag Number 5: I have the occasional single friend who will express their desire for a romantic partner. "I'm lonely," they often confess. "Oh no," I shriek silently when I hear those two words- I know what's next. Within moments the jingle "You don't have to be lonely at" echos in my mind. This jingle will be here for days. It's not that I want my friends to feel the loneliness- I don't. I'm not cruel. It's just that I don't want to always be plagued with a dating website jingle.


the HILARIOUS Cam Bertrand performing at Blue Room Comedy Club

Listen. It takes a lot for me to have side stitches in laughter, to feel as if I'm about to fall out of my chair, but Cam Bertrand along side Dedrick Flynn did just that when they stopped by The Beat studios.  If you're on the fence about attending this show, I encourage you GO.Here's what you need to know about Cam:
He was a contributing writer on Seasons 11 & 12 of MTVs hit show, 'Wild'N'Out'.

In 2019, Cam Bertrand became the youngest comedian to win the 'Florida's Funniest' competition, beating out over 300 comics, previous winners include Daniel Tosh, Bert Kreischer, and JB Ball.
In that same year, Cam also became the youngest comedian to record his own half hour comedy special with DryBar comedy, his special 'Sophisticated Ignorance' he has garnered over 80 million total views since its release.

He has also worked with some of the biggest names in comedy today including: Joe Rogan, Andrew Schulz, Bert Kreischer, Pete Davidson, Hannibal Buress, Michael Che, Josh Blue, and Mike Epps.

You can catch him at the Blue Room Comedy Club January 7th and 8th, Tickets can be bought here.

Donnell Rawlings to ring in the New Year at Blue Room Comedy Club

For "Chappelle's Show" fans, Donnell Rawlings' name will always be synonymous with Ashy Larry, or Beautiful, or any of his other unforgettable characters. But Rawlings has much more to bring to the table than that. Rawlings is a man who can generate laughter from every topic he analyses, no matter how offensive or controversial. He pushes the envelope for what's outrageous.

Career Highlights: Appearances in "The Last OG," "Chelsea Lately," "Black Dynamite," "Step 9," "Guy Court," "The Joe Rogan Experience," "Project Dad," "Shaquille O'Neal All-star Comedy Jam," "@midnight," BET's "Comic View," and "Def Comedy Jam."

Tickets for December 31 can be purchased here. 
Tickets for January 1 can be purchased here.

Todd Glass to perform at Blue Room Comedy Club


Todd Glass has been bringing laughs to audiences since the 1980s and is no stranger to Springfield. The seasoned comedian will be at the Blue Room Comedy Club December 10 and December 11. You can buy tickets here. 

He grew up in Springfield, now he's leading off Wild Turkey Wednesday at Blue Room Comedy Club


Kenny Deforest knows what it takes to make a Springfield audience laugh- he grew up here and still calls the midwest home. The comedian has found success on a national stage- offer laughs to both audiences on Seth Meyers and James Corden.
He's in Springfield for one night only- Wednesday November 24. His show is unplanned and completely influenced by the audience, so expect the unexpected. You can buy tickets at

He's from Australia... and he's hilarious. You can see Amos Gill at Blue Room Comedy Club this weekend.

Amos Gill has been back to the United States for less than a year, but it's easy to see why crowds flock to his shows. He's charming and quick on his feet with the glamour of an Australian Jon Snow.

You can get your tickets now at

The Gardens are glowing while turkey's trot: Here's what you need to know this month from the Park Board

Dianna Tyndall with the Springfield Greene County Park Board stopped in the studio, delighting with details on the various events happening this month.

More details can be found here.

Why Josh Blue is a MUST SEE this weekend at the Blue Room Comedy Club


Josh Blue has found himself on a national stage more than once- rising on NBC's Last Comic Standing then America's Got Talent, now the immensely talented comedian is taking to the stage at Blue Room Comedy Club through October 23.

He joined our Julie Wilson live in studio to talk about the road, the club, and getting back to comedy as the world returns to a sense of normalcy post pandemic.

Tickets are going fast, buy yours by visiting

Help Julie Kiss a Pig (and raise money for a great cause)

In an effort to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks, a mentorship program for youth in surrounding areas, Julie Wilsons is trying to kiss a pig.

Also, the person writing this is Julie Wilson. I didn't know how to establish myself in this plea for donations other than in a third person reference. Please forgive me and please hear me out.

The nonprofit focuses on kids who might not have a role model in their life, matching them with "Bigs"- adults who can have a direct impact on the child's life trajectory.

By the numbers, it's clear to organization, which made its way to the Ozarks in the early 80's, is making a difference for our community. 81% of their Littles believe more is possible in life. 99% of littles stay out of the Juvenile Justice System. 90% of Littles have improved self-esteem. The long-term impact through the program appears to be endless.

So here's where I (but more so you) come in. There's contest- Kiss a Pig. The person who raises the most money (100% goes to the organization) will get to stand on stage with pride at Taste of the Ozarks and smooch a pig. I want, desperately, to be that person.

You can make a donation by clicking HERE- make sure you're selecting my name.